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Edit: I thought there was 4 USB selects Could be wrong with Vivi though. You are right. I knew it was 4 but could not remember my last pick so I thought it was 3. But you reminded me I picked Aerith. I suppose they are, at least for the first two. Still haven't gotten the chance to utilise the third pick yet and I've also yet to pick my fourth. Having only the Sentinel's Grimoire, I see myself always getting the boot from joining parties, so after getting the shiny new toys, I find myself being easily accepted into parties now. This was a choice for clearing Siren and Hades, or rather making my personal challenge possible.

Also, this was the last piece of Relic to complete my Thunder God, so I'm happy. Picked this in preparation for future contents. I read that Imperil is the way going forward now that most hard contents will have the bosses only having Slight Weakness or even no weakness, either that or the NulElement ability is getting more common later fights, so yeah There were actually five Ultra Selections already? I think I might have missed one of them, hmm It's been 4 until now, 5th is the next one this month. You can get other imperiled like Laguna, Zack or Agrias.

The second one was to finally secure Cloud's USB1, which had long eluded me. Also later it helped me embarrass Hecatocheir in under 19 seconds. Too bad there isn't much reason to farm that one. The third was Aerith's USB2. This let me Sub 30 the Torment D??? The fourth was Laguna's USB. My next Target is either Marche's or Rem's. I'd also like Ignis' LMR to speed him up. Maybe Squall's ice GSB, but that's it. So might be better to save the selection for something else.

I love Final Fantasy X and welcome him with open arms. I was really looking for Auron, the best breaker in the game right now. The reason is that DPS units fall off rather quickly compared to others, and although Jecht is awesome, Auron will last much longer. Which unit were you looking forward to during the FFX event? Finally managed to beat this damn bonus unit! Last time this event was around, this thing was absolutely impossible to beat.

But after so much time, and the release of 7 stars, I was able to do it! Another highlight from my FFX pulls on ffbe. With how many new rainbows have been added to the game, an adjustment seems necessary. Which 5 star base unit is your nemesis?

Which unit trolls you whenever you get rainbows? Let me know! Now HT Lid is good, but I only have her 6 star form. Loren fills my breaker slot on my team and does it better as a 7 star than a 6 star unit. Will share my step-up results soon! I finally did it!! I spent the last 3 days straight trying to find the right team to win for me and landed on these 6 units.

Thank goodness I did a pull battle against my brother last week trying to get Folka, because she was a huge star for me during this trial. This trial was so hard! It was so tilting and difficult. And honestly the real reward is saying you could do it. I have been playing for 2 years so I have a bit of an advantage, but it is definitely possible. What units did you use? Not all of them have been new, as I already have their 7 star forms, but very welcome to my team either way!

I have enough UoC saved to get him instantly if needed. Never knowing what team you will end up with; what units will be at your disposal; praying for that one new unit to save your team or beat that trial. Folka is amazing, with status immunity, healing, and MP regen like crazy she will be an amazing addition to any team. CG animations have been all the rage in FFBE since their release, and these most recent ones even have some vocals!

Speaking of the Pod, gotta record that later today too! Very excited to rave about this unit with my brother. Look forward to that episode being released tomorrow. Will you be pulling for Folka? Let me know how it goes! Finally got my UoC ticket from this event! Already got my UoC and all the exclusive equipment and materia. How is everyone else doing? Saving for the next game breaking unit, or have you already used it on something else?

Game Alive - Trip Ellington • BookLikes (ISBN:B00BE7HI4O)

I wanted to get her in my team so desperately that I used all of my lapis, all of tickets, in trying to get her. Around summons and 0 Fryevia I wanna hear how the ffbe community is doing with their pulls going after their favourite units! Got me a Cait Sith The good: great sprites, Tifa is overall awesome. Bad things, the other units are mostly just for show as far as I can tell. TMR containers Need to get as much bonus I can for the runs. Thank you for joining the Team Cait Sith The infamous black square status! What is this!? I leveled her from in 2 days for free I decided to put it to use and do some EXP farming.

Make sure to equip half decent weapons as well just to ensure you can kill everything with 1 hit saves time.

[Slow Weekend Series] Have your USB selections paid off?

Make this unit the only one in your party and go to the Chamber of Experience in the vortex. You can unlock it for free once daily. I did it! Saint Eraser from 2 Veritas of Light Hopefully I can do one more trial. Send me your strength! Brings me back to the good old days of pure stories of magic without the accompanying swords. Easy to read, flows well, and an enjoyable easy read.

I recommend it! May 24, Melissa Jane rated it liked it.

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The first book started out slow but quickly picked up the pace. The MC acted more like a 12 year old boy than his purported 17, and his maturation during the series was like an early teenager that was on his own.

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There was a lot of graphic death during the boys travels without any real angst or guilt, which was definitely not typical at all. The action was surprisingly intense and interesting but the story felt a bit rushed and lacking.

Good series overall, but nothing to write home about. Apr 05, Richard rated it liked it. I liked EverMage by Trip Ellington. I don't read fantasy type stories often, but not too far off my regular reading genre. The characters are believable, likable and hateable, with great world-building, and a good story line, everything you need to have a good story. Give it a go. Life's path All in all a great read. A few twists and turns keeps the reader interested in what is about to happen. Simple fun magic story The world is simple and the magic system has a few holes in it.

But the main character is likable enough. A really good wizardly romp Never a dull spot in this book. Keeps you wanting to read more.

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Sadly it didn't sound like there would be a book two. Reader thoughts: The six "novels" were short and very basic. Each had three characters sometimes a fourth!