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Birds may be high overhead or hidden among the plants just inches away from you. The boldest birds share the pathway with visitors while some will only be seen by those with the patience of a seasoned bird watcher. The Free-Flight Aviary is a great spot at the Zoo during the winter when visitors can get a break from the cold weather and find a comfortable area, quietly settle in, and listen to the sounds of the birds as they call to each other. Since the birds are free to go anywhere in the habitat and are often secretive, you will likely see different species on each visit to the Zoo.

Some of the species that can be easily seen are scarlet ibis and bleeding heart doves, named after the red spot of feathers on their chests. But if you look more closely in the tree, you may see a boat-billed heron looking for fish or a tanager feeding on fruit. Masked lovebirds can be heard calling, red-billed leiothrix will dart at eye level looking for insects, and a pygmy goose swims in the stream. If you happen to be present when these activities take place feel free to ask questions of the staff; they are always happy to help you enjoy your Zoo experience.

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Flying Matilda by Ellison Norman

Take your time in the Free-Flight Aviary and you will be surprised at what you will see. No-one was killed although more than a dozen were injured. In terms of total numbers of passengers killed, was the worst year in history. As to the number of fatal crashes as opposed to numbers of people killed was also the worst year ever when there were 41 fatal accidents world-wide.

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About half of all fatal accidents on commercial airliners are caused by pilot error. Mechanical failure is next, followed by bad weather and then sabotage. Landing a plane is the most challenging part of a flight for a pilot, which is why pilot error accounts for the most fatal incidents. But surprisingly, the landing is not the most dangerous part of the flight more about that shortly.

To put it in even more perspective, in order to guarantee your death statistically speaking , you would need to take about flights a day, every single day of your life, from the day of your birth to the day of your death at Contrary to popular opinion, the most dangerous phase of flying is not the landing.

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While about one in three accidents occur during the final approach and landing, they only account for about one in four of the total fatalities. Conversely, about one in four accidents occur during the take-off and initial climbing phase, but these account for almost one in three of the total fatalities.

If it loses that power, the wings will quickly stall — ie. The nose of the plane will drop, and it can become very difficult to control.

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The only way the plane can recover is if it gains enough speed to re-generate lift under the wings. And the only way to generate that speed is to shed altitude. Once the paper plane runs out of speed, it will stall in the air, then dive before it levels out and starts gliding. In calm weather, small aircraft generally complete the final phase of their landing with the engine idling like a car engine at traffic lights.

You can rely on the glide speed to bring the plane in safely.

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  • All students of flying are taught that any landing you walk away from is a good one, and any landing you walk away from and can use the plane again is a great one. If a plane completely loses power at high altitude which is rare , you have a major emergency on your hands. And the size of the emergency depends on where you are.

    You can glide around and hope to find a clear spot to land. Obviously, this is much harder for large commercial airliners, given their size. The chances of total engine failure in commercial aircraft are very, very low. The glide ratio of a commercial airliner — that is, the distance it travels versus the altitude it loses — is actually surprisingly impressive.