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Like I said, it makes no sense. Eventually, Travis helps Tobin out of the field by getting him through a hole that functions similarly to the pipes in a Super Mario game.

In the Tall Grass review: Stephen King Netflix horror gets lost in the weeds

He convinces them not to go in, and Becky and Cal turn the car around to find help. Basically, In the Tall Grass is the movie equivalent of jogging at a solid pace for a long time and then just, like Watch 'In the Tall Grass' Now. Type keyword s to search.

  • 'In the Tall Grass' Review: Stephen King Horror Gets Lost in the Weeds.
  • In The Tall Grass's Director Doesn't Want You to Know His Movie's Secrets | GQ!
  • Stephen King's 'In the Tall Grass' stumbles around aimlessly.
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    Watch that movie and review it. You can find all of their reviews on the Projects page. The Netflix original opens on a nondescript Midwestern road surrounded by, you guessed it, tall grass.

    But when Becky suddenly suffers from a late-term bout of morning sickness that forces them to pull over, she hears it — the voice of a young boy calling for help somewhere inside the nearby fields. She and Cal decide to leave their car by an empty church, which is suspiciously surrounded by abandoned vehicles, to find him. Despite the fact that Cal enters the grass moments before Becky, the two instantly lose sight of one another. Yet even when they can hear each other shouting nearby, neither is able to find either their sibling or the child whose voice drew them in.

    If, in the end, Becky and Cal never go into the grass to begin with, does this mean that Travis never comes looking for them? Type keyword s to search.

    Stephen King's 'In the Tall Grass' stumbles around aimlessly

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    In the Tall Grass review: Stephen King Netflix horror gets lost in the weeds | Film | The Guardian

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