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When Higby first began this project, Jesse was not much more than a family story, a talented eccentric who spent most of his time holed up in his shack doing his artwork or writing in his journals and who had at one point chased his visiting brother and children away with a loaded shotgun. One of the most wonderful aspects of the film is how Higby pairs drawings and sketches by the two brothers. Yet by pairing the images Higby sets up a kind of artistic dialogue between the brothers that somehow transcends their decades of estrangement.

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And that of course is what happens to us as we watch The Other Brother. Frederick spared no expense. He continued a marble balustrade that had ended after the first floor up the staircase and through the remaining six floors of the house. Ornate paneling that once adorned the Palace of Versailles lines the walls. He just entertains the occasional guest at the Woolworth mansion, his private museum. Despite the scale of his wealth and the opulence of his surroundings, Frederick also has a reputation for frugality, sometimes growing testy at his staff, if they add extra postage to letters and packages.

He spent lavishly on refurbishing his homes, but he prefers taking the public bus in New York and typically flies commercial. One associate recalls strolling down East 80th Street with Frederick on a sweltering summer afternoon in the mids. Crossing Fifth Avenue, Frederick noticed a nickel in the middle of the crosswalk; it had been run over so many times that it was embedded in the asphalt. His companion looked on in shock as Frederick took out his keys, stooped down and began trying to pry the coin loose. The multi-millionaire continued to work as the traffic light changed.

Traffic bore down and horns blared, but Frederick kept digging, finally dislodging the nickel. Dressed in a navy blazer, striped shirt, and thin cobalt tie, Frederick moves through the rooms of his home like a curator, his arms folded behind him. I bought it in Monte Carlo, which may have been the reason. He is at ease talking at length about every object in the house, and the intricacies of procuring or rehabilitating each of them.

But when the topic turns briefly to his brothers, and whether they share his artistic sensibilities, Frederick tenses. On a pedestal beneath a circular skylight ringed with the signs of the zodiac sits a marble head wearing the headdress of an Egyptian pharaoh. The sculpture dates back to A. Antinous accompanied Hadrian on a voyage down the Nile and at some point they stopped. Antinous went swimming and drowned in the Nile. Over the years he was able to keep in touch with his brothers but only sporadically and yet enough to know that they were the lucky ones because they were brought up by very loving adoptive parents.

Amelia and Aaron fall head over heels in love and are truly two halves of a whole. Amelia left her boyfriend back in Astoria, NY and moved to Binghamton in order to be close to her father who suffers from dementia. The plan was for her boyfriend to also move up with her once he was able to get a job in the area as well. I know I shed a tear or two for all of the sadness he held on to and for his inability to believe that he was worthy and deserving of a happily ever after.

Here are my overall ratings on the book: Heroe: 4 Heroine: 4 Plot: 4. It can be read as a standalone but the entire series is pretty amazing. I highly recommend reading all of the books.

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This series actually turned me into a huge Meghan Quinn fangirl! View all 20 comments. But she's confident the move is going to be okay because her boyfriend is in the process of moving with her, she has a new job, and a cute house to rent. At least she thought everything was going to be okay, that's until she met her neighbor who just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend, the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Aaron never in a million years expected to see Amelia again but when she shows up as the new tenant to the house next door, memories of what they used to be consumes him, to the point that he makes a promise to himself; she's not getting away this time.

Unfortunately for Aaron, his plans of reconciliation are immediately halted when he finds out Amelia has a boyfriend. Resigned and jealous, he tries to be friends with her, at least to make their living arrangements bearable. It isn't until one night, when he's waiting to gather a rent check from Amelia, that he sees a picture of Amelia's boyfriend and easily recognizes him as his biological brother.

The brother who had everything Aaron always wanted. With new found information, a desire so heavy to have Amelia in his arms again, and the unbearable thought that he would never be able to share his life with her again, Aaron sets out on winning Amelia's heart once again.

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Unsure of the connection between her boyfriend and Aaron, Amelia has a tough decision to make; which brother is she going to choose? View all 5 comments. The other friend, the other employee… the other brother. For once in my life I want to be the only. Three from three books all rated five stars shows her quality. From the other two books Aaron always appeared to be a friendly and sweet giant with a massive heart and I waited in anticipation to finally get to know him in The Other Brother.

The Other Brother is a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of second chance love when you least expect it. Aaron was such a beautiful character and he seriously stole my heart. Despite the many obstacles Aaron has had to account for, he has worked his butt off to make something of his life which includes running a construction company with his two buddies, but in order to get there he has had to give up an awful lot and that includes the girl who owns his heart. Little did I know, breaking up with her would send me in the biggest downward spiral of my life.

I imagine it would be no easy feat to leave not only your home and job, but to leave your boyfriend of the last eighteen months. However, Amelia knew she had to leave because her father, the man who has helped her and shaped her into the woman she is today, needs her and she has to be there for him. Aaron and Amelia have a past and once upon a time they envisioned growing old together, but unfortunately luck and circumstances were not on their side and they both walked away with broken hearts. Fate has other ideas when it comes to this couple and has brought them together once again, though this time as neighbors.

Situations become awkward between the two as true heartache and regret sets in. But at what cost? Could we not have done that together? He seems happy for me now, almost as if he is sorry he let me go. The chemistry and intensity between Aaron and Amelia was electrifying, the way they were drawn to each other was epic. If you are anything like me and love nothing more than delving into a great second-chance love story where the writing flows and is so effortless to read, then definitely check this one out.

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I really do adore her sense of humor. Make sure to one click this because I have no doubt Aaron will melt hearts around the world. View all 26 comments. This book gave me all the feels! Aaron Walters is one of my favorite male characters of all times! He was sweet, loyal, caring, loving and so sexy, I couldn't help but fall in love with him.

Amelia was great too! I really liked her, and I understood some of her choices, even though I was always rooting for her and Aaron to be together so sometimes I got impatient with her. This story is so beautiful. Its about second chances and true love. I really like second chance romances and this one is one This book gave me all the feels!

Welcome, friend.

I really like second chance romances and this one is one of the best in my honest opinion. It touched me deeply, and I wish someday I can find a love as strong and pure as the love Amelia and Aaron share. Amanda, Amelia's best friend, was amazing! I loved her instantly and I really hope Meghan writes about her someday. She's true gold and I want to know more about her Governor Paul!

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Overall this was a a beautiful love story, with its ups and downs, challenges and tears that makes it that more special. This is a book about family and friendships, lost loves that are found again and a reminder that true love always wins. Highly recommend this book to everyone! One of my best reads of View 2 comments. Oct 27, Elle's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: top-favorites , kindle-unlimited , romance , romantic-comedy , series-standalones , best-of , must-read.

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Meghan Quinn never ceases to amaze me with her heartfelt and beautiful stories. This is why I automatically read her books, most of the time without even having to read the blurb. I always know she will deliver and she has never let me down. In The Other Brother, readers will meet or be reacquainted with Smalls. If you have read her last few releases which I would recommend fully you will have already met him and gotten a Release Date: November 2, Genre: Contemporary Romance. If you have read her last few releases which I would recommend fully you will have already met him and gotten a smidgen of his story.

Don't worry if you haven't though because you don't need to have read the others to fully enjoy this one. Smalls is a man who, albeit having an outgoing demeanor, has some issues with fully believing in himself. He's a bit insecure, but not in a way that will make readers pity him.

But more than this, he is the type of man that has a heart of gold. I fell immediately in love with him. This is also Amelia's story. She and Smalls were together in the past, but luck wasn't with them at the time so they lost each other.