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The blade had two cutting edges - one to represent justice, the other loyalty and chivalry. The knight awarding the honour then might attach a spur or put the sword and belt on the squire, and give him a kiss on the cheek. Next, he was given his horse, and then his shield and banner, which might bear his family coat of arms. The ceremony was rounded off by a large feast. Early knights could come from any background, all that was needed was courage and endeavour.

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By the 13th century CE, though, most knights were sons of knights as the class sought to maintain its exclusivity in society. A knight had to be accomplished in riding a horse while carrying a long, triangular leather and wood shield and a wooden lance 2. He must be capable of using a heavy sword with a blade up to one metre 40 inches in length for a sustained period of fighting and fit enough to move around with speed while wearing heavy metal armour.

A proficiency with additional weapons such as a dagger, battleaxe, mace, bow, and crossbow might come in handy, too. A knight's armour was, from the 9th century CE, of chain mail made up of small interconnected iron rings. A hooded coat, trousers, gloves, and shoes could all be made from mail and so cover the entire body of the knight except the face.

A full suit of mail could weigh up to Over the top, a sleeveless surcoat was worn, which allowed the knight to show off his family colours or coat of arms.

Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood

Plate armour became more common from the 14th century CE and offered better protection against arrows and sword blows. The plates could protect all parts of the body, and they came in various shapes and designs, the pieces held together using laces points , straps, hinges, buckles, or semicircular rivets. A full suit of armour weighed from 20 to 25 kilograms lbs - less than a modern infantryman would carry in equipment - and so a knight who fell off his horse was not totally helpless and immobile.

In any case, knights often mixed mail and plate armour, selecting their own protection according to preference, with chest plates and greaves for the legs being the most common pieces worn. The head was protected by a helmet or helm as they were often called. First simple conical helmets were worn, then a nose guard or mask was added, and, by the 13th century CE, the fully enclosed helmet was used with further design tweaks such as a protruding snout for better ventilation or conical top to deflect blows better. Hiding the face, a helmet could be personalised to identify who was inside.

Punched ventilation holes could provide decorative patterns, many were painted, and plumes of exotic birds could be added to the top. There was even a fashion for three-dimensional figures mounted on the crest which represented anything from stag horns to dragons.

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The all-important horses that made knights the equivalent of modern tanks on the medieval battlefield also had particular protection. Better protection was offered by a two-piece coat of chain mail one for the front and the other hung behind the saddle , a padded helmet, a plate head covering, or an armour plate of metal or boiled leather to protect the chest. To use these weapons effectively and get used to wearing a load of metal armour, it was a good idea for a knight to put in a bit of practice before meeting the challenge of actual warfare.

There were specific devices for training such as the quintain - a rotating arm with a shield at one end and a weight at the other. A rider had to hit the shield and keep riding on to avoid being hit in the back by the weight as it swung around. Another device was a suspended ring which had to be removed using the tip of the lance. All of these skills helped the knight fulfil their primary functions as bodyguards to nobles, as members of a garrison guarding a castle, or on the battlefield as the elite element of a medieval army. Some knights operated as independent mercenaries and, for the more adventurous and pious, there was always the opportunity presented by the crusades which punctuated the frequent European secular wars of the Middle Ages.

For the really devout Christian knight, there was also the option of joining a military order such as the Knights Hospitaller or Knights Templar , where one lived much like a monk but at least had the opportunity of the best training and weapons of all medieval knights.

When not on active military duty, a knight could keep their weapons and horse riding skills sharp by practising in tournaments. The knights protected themselves with a shield and full armour which was often specialised for jousting so that the face and arms were better protected but mobility was compromised. The knights rode towards each other at full gallop along a metre yards long area known as the lists with the aim of knocking the opponent off his horse.

To minimise the risk of injury but certainly not eliminate it , weapons were adapted such as the fitting of a three-pointed head to the lance in order to reduce the impact and swords were blunted rebated. There were even opportunities to dress up and do the whole thing in fancy dress, most often as knights of the Round Table or figures from ancient mythology. As there were local aristocratic ladies present, tournaments were also a chance to display some chivalry.

Tournaments became such prestigious events with prizes for the winners that knights began to practise for them in earnest and circuits developed with many knights becoming, in effect, professional tournament players. Knights were amongst the most dedicated of all medieval fashion followers, indeed, other professions such as the clergy were often rebuked for trying to make themselves look as flashy as the knights did.

Although clothes were not too dissimilar between the classes, those who could afford it tended to wear better quality materials with a much better fit. Start presenting Close. Get started. Log in. Houston, we have a problem! Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters.

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Get started today. What is Prezi? Learn more. Send the link below via email or IM Copy. Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Obviously, there are a lot of difficult elements: the oddly flowery language and Biblical references, the strange narrative structure in which the author addresses both the virgin and the reader directly, the constantly shifting tenses. But even beyond the level of writing, there are a lot of story elements that are difficult to incorporate.

The ending in particular, in which the virgin and the knight argue over which of them should be entitled to receive the crown of martyrdom, just would not fly with a modern audience. I am extremely grateful to Toki Redbeard and Emer Nic Aidan for their help in preparing this story for presentation. The judge asked him if he had any last words. Second, I do not regret that I gave her my clothes.

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And third, I do not regret that you found me there naked! This is that story. But where they expected to see a dainty chin, they saw a strong, firm jaw. Where they expected to find a well-formed figure, they found a flat chest.

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And where they expected to see the joys of womanhood that a man can use for his pleasure, they found… well, you know what they found. There he stood: strong, proud, erect. And that is how he will always be remembered! I think this does enough justice to the original story while updating it to modern tastes.

Soviet government official Anatoly Chernyaev records an insider's view of the Brezhnev era

William Granger Ryan, p. There was a certain virgin in Antioch whose story Ambrose set forth in the second book of his De Virginibus, as follows. In recent times there was a virgin in Antioch who shrank from being seen in public. But the more she avoided the eyes of the lustful, the more she enkindled their desire. Beauty that is heard about but not seen is the more desired, due to two stimuli, erotic love and knowledge, since nothing displeasing meets the eye, and beauty known about is imagined as all the more pleasing.

The eye is not exploring in order to judge, but the lustful heart craves. This holy virgin was determined to safeguard her virtue and shut herself off from the eyes of the libidinous so as to discourage their hopes, but she did this so thoroughly that they stopped longing for her and sought to betray her. Hence persecution. The girl had no means of fleeing and, being young, feared that she might fall into traps set by the impure, so she prepared herself to be strong.

She was so religious that she did not fear death, so chase that she looked forward to it. The day of her crowning was at hand, and great was the expectation of all: a young girl is brought forward who professes herself ready to wage a twofold war, for her virginity and her religion.

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But when they recognized the constancy of her profession and her fear for her virtue, when they saw her blushing when looked at but prepared to suffer torture, they began to consider how to take away her religion and leave her the hope of saving her chastity, so that when she had been deprived of what mattered the most, they might then snatch away what was left. So the order is given: either the virgin sacrifices to the gods or is she prostituted in a brothel.

How can they think they are worshiping their gods when they vindicate them by such means? How do they live, those who judge this way? Either crown is denied us. But the very name of virgin is unknown to whoever denies the author of virginity. How can you be a virgin and worship a harlot?